Introducing Hooper and Whistle!

June 6, 2015

Howdy all!

We would like to announce, as empty nesters, we are embarking on a new adventure! We are going to become over the road truck drivers as a husband and wife team.

We start our CDL/Truck Driving School on June 8th. Upon graduating and successfully obtaining a CDL A license we will begin our journey.

HW and truck

We have started a facebook page using our cb handles ~ Hooper and Whistle ~ to share, keep in touch, and document our adventures.

We invite you to like our page and follow us as we explore this great nation in our new career!


Bee on Mirror


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July 25, 2016 MOJO Meet the third ‘person’ in our truck. This is our dog, Mojo. He is our almost five year old pit bull human. Now, don’t get me wrong…he is a dog and a dog is a pet. This one thinks he fits into the pecking order between Grant and I. Grant is …

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